Tiller’s Folley


Due to concerns regarding COVID-19

Folk ’n Fiddle Festival 2020


Tiller’s Folley

with special guest

Joel Hanna

March 15, 2020
2:00 PM

Charlie White Theatre
Mary Winspear Centre


Tiller's Folly

Reuniting after more than 20 years, musical group Tiller’s Folly (Roots/ Celtic/Canadiana) and dancer/singer/ percussionist Joel Hanna will be performing a powerful mix of Celtic Music & Dance! For over twenty years, Tiller’s Folly have been uniting the past with the present as modern-day storytellers of lore. The toast of the Pacific Coast, they have performed across Canada, to the British Isles and throughout the USA, sharing their memorable blend of energy, history, musicality, romance and just plain fun.

Joel Hanna

Dancer and choreographer Joel Hanna has been called “one of the most exciting dancers to ever step on the world stage.” and is known for his athletic and boundary-breaking mixture of tap dance, musical percussion, Irish dance, and martial arts. Beyond touring the world with shows like Riverdance, Dancing on Dangerous Ground, Revolution: Sweat, Dance, Rock & Roll & Choreography on the Edge, Joel has lent his talents to ground-breaking international collaborations like Shakti Caravan (India), Fidanz (Cuba)& Lights (Vietnam). In a new twist, Joel will also be joining the band on bodhran, guitar & vocals.

Expect the unexpected as Tiller’s Folly & Joel Hanna revisit and revamp their past repertoire, while exploring new horizons!

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