This Year's Artists

Good Lovelies

June 11 - Saturday Matinee (Charlie White) * June 11 - Saturday Night Gala (Charlie White) *

With nine critically acclaimed releases, a #1 single, a JUNO Award, and a devoted fanbase blanketing the globe, roots-pop combo the Good Lovelies are among Canada’s brightest musical lights. The hardworking trio of Caroline Brooks, Kerri Ough, and Susan Passmore — guitar-wielding songwriters all, and queens of the goose bump–raising three-part harmony — enter 2022 at full steam, with plans to write and record new material, reduce their carbon footprint via multiple green initiatives, and to build on their reputation as electrifying performers.

Shari Ulrich

June 11 - Friday Night Gala (Charlie White) * June 12 - Saturday Matinee (Charlie White) *

   Shari Ulrich is British Columbia's preeminent Canadian Folk legend. Shari has released 26 albums, won countless awards including two JUNOs and a BC Entertainment Hall of Fame star, as well as winning the hears of generations of folk music fans with her remarkable songwriting and multi-instrumentalism.

The Small Glories

June 11 - Saturday Night Gala (Charlie White) * June 11 - Festival Cabaret (Sidney Army/Navy) *

   The Small Glories are a JUNO-nominated roots powerhouse planted on the Canadian Prairies. Together Cara Luft and JD Edwards are rising stars on the Canadian folk circuit with a deep pedigree including Luft's original membership in the Wailin' Jennies.

Petunia & The Vipers

June 11 - Festival Cabaret (Sidney Army/Navy) * June 12 - Sunday Night Gala (Charlie White) *

   Petunia & The Vipers play original music combining of elements of classic country, country blues, western swing, Mexicana, and ragtime - a new music that springboards off music of the past and jumps into present day. It's something in between 1920s and steampunk, and he's probably the best yodeller you've ever heard.

Luke Wallace

June 10 - Festival Cabaret (Sidney Army/Navy)

   Luke Wallace embodies a new wave of politically charged folk music, writing the soundtrack for a movement of people rising up to meet the social and environmental challenges of our times. The new album "What on Earth," to be released in March 2020 will be Luke Wallace's 5th album release. You can find Luke at folk festivals all over the West Coast or leading rally sing-a-longs at Canada's biggest Youth Climate Marches. Known for his catchy songwriting and inspiring musical delivery, Luke continues using his music to amp up and inspire the folks fighting for a better world. His message-driven songwriting has landed him slots at Salmon Arm Roots and Blues, Vancouver Island Music Festival, the Vancouver Folk Festival, and an opening slot for global roots band Rising Appalachia.

Ann Vriend

June 10 - Friday Night Gala (Charlie White) * June 10 - Festival Cabaret (Sidney Army/Navy) *

   Ann Vriend is a two-time Maple Blues Award songwriting recipient, an Edmonton Music Award and Alberta Centennial Award recipient, and has sold nearly 30,000 albums off-the-stage in her critically acclaimed international career. Her sound is simultaneously reminiscent of the vintage, rootsy, soul style of Stax Records and Muscle Shoals recordings, while also contemporary, not to mention lyrically politically poignant.

Lache Cercel & The Roma Swing Ensemble

June 12 - Sunday Night Gala (Charlie White)

   Originally from Bucharest Romania, Lache Cercel is a world leader and innovator in the Roma Swing genre first developed by Django Reinhardt and Stéphane Grappelli. Together with The Roma Swing Ensemble, Cercel lays classical and improvisational jazz alongside traditional renderings. Cercel plays with the outrageous virtuosity found in contemporary European Roma recordings, and adds his own vision.

Twin Bandit

June 10 - Friday Night Gala (Charlie White) * June 11 - Festival Cabaret (Sidney Army/Navy) *

   Twin Bandit is a contemporary Americana, traditional folk duo consisting of Hanna and Mercy Walker. Their original songwriting will bring to mind familiar memories of new love and old scars paired with an intimate live performance that will leave you feeling soft and aglow.

Pablo Cardenas

June 12 - Sunday Night Gala (Charlie White) * June 12 - Festival Cabaret (Sidney Army/Navy) *

   Pablo Cardenas' career began teaching piano at the music conservatory in Matanzas, Cuba with great results - some of his students are now amongst the best young pianists in Cuba. At the same time he was working as an accompanist doing chamber music and was selected by the school to travel to the Dominican Republic to teach workshops and perform at Santo Domingo National Conservatory of Music.

Ivonne Hernandez

June 12 - Festival Cabaret (Sidney Army/Navy)

   Ivonne Hernandez started playing violin at the age of three by ear, everything from her mother's favourite Maritime reels to her father's Chilean folk music roots. Since then she has had a long and illustrious career winning two Western Canadian Music Awards, two Canadian Folk Music Awards, a 2017 JUNO Award, and five Grand North American Fiddle Championships.

Ashley Wey

June 12 - Festival Cabaret (Sidney Army/Navy)

   Ashley Wey is a multi award-winning Canadian singer-songwriter and pianist whose genre-bending style melds alternative folk, pop, and jazz. Her style has seen her work with Canadian Idol winnder Eva Avila, JUNO Award-winners Brandi Distrehaft, Mae Moore, and the Parachute Club, and four-time Grammy Award-winner Manny Kellough.